➀ How can I do booking ?

☞ To fiend an accommodation(hotel/resort) in a particular location(holiday/destination) we will have to put the location name and then the accommodation type. For example we are looking for a hotel in Bandarban, we will have to put Bandarban hotel in the search box. The search engine will then bring all the hotels in Bandarban area.

☞ To fiend a transportation(Bus/Airplane/Launch) in a particular location(holiday/destination) we will have to put the type of transportation followed by the from and to location. For example if we would like book bus service from Dhaka to Bandarban we will have to put Dhaka Bandarban Bus in the search box. The search engine then will bring all the bus service available from Dhaka to Bandarban location.

☞ To fiend a package in a particular location we just have to write the location name followed by the package. For example someone looking for Bandarban package just have to put Bandarban package in the search box.

“After completing a booking, you will receive an invoice in your email address. Please reply to that email to confirm the booking.”

➁ How can I contact by contact form ?

☞ We will have to go to the CONTACT US section from the menu bar.

☞ There is a form called contact us form, for smaller devices like in smart phones it will be found at the bottom of the page and for the larger devices it will be found at the top right side. We will have to fill up the form with proper information and then we will have to press the send button.

➂ How can I register and log in an account with ?

☞ First we need to go to the menu bar and click MY ACCOUNT section.

☞ If we do not have an account with, we will have to insert our username, email address and password in the register section.

☞ Rule for entering password: prefers a 12 characters long password which is secure enough. Best practice for password creation is the combination of numbers with letters. Like lets say you can use a name together with a mobile number which is easy for you to remember for your password. Under no circumstances, give your password to anyone. If you forget your password, use the My Account page to generate new password. The instruction will be sent to your email address from

☞ Once you are registered you will be able to log-in with either your username or email address and your password.